Let’s go dark!

There was time, where CRT screens were ubiquitous. In this time dark websites were pretty common since the way CRT screen emits light worked pretty well with dark colours.

Then LCD screens came into every hour. Those were pretty bad compared to CRT, especially in terms of showing true shades of grey. This was the end of black websites popularity.

Dark went underground.

Now, with near perfect LCD screens, and even better OLED dark pallets are having a big comeback.

iOS, macOS, Windows, Android – almost everyone supports dark themes in their systems. This is the last moment to make websites and webapps truly responsive also in that dimension.

We are happy to announce that with CSS prefers-color-scheme we just did that with our main website and web app.

What does it mean to you? (2019-06-16)

Well, if you’re macOS user you can use it right away since it’s running for a while and all major browsers (except Chrome is still catching up) adjust the colours automatically.

If you’re a windows user, it might not work at all still. You can try latest Chrome though.

For Android, Chrome should adjust accordingly.

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