Pricing changes

Since this project started in 2013 it was always a pay-as-you-go service without any price increase since the day 1.

Now, 7 years later, we have evaluated that model and came to a conclusion that we need some changes. Changes that would support this business better.

We’re not the biggest fans of a subscription model, but in this case we believe that this business decision is justified.

We’re using a “subscription” word a lot here, but it’s worth noting that as today, we will not offer recurring payments. You make all the payments explicitly, we won’t charge you automatically.

If a paid plan is not renewed manually, it will be converted to a free plan after the expiration date.

Free/premium plans
Starting from 2020-11-21 will offer three plans:
– Free – limited to 2 uptime tests with with 5 minutes test interval and 2 application monitoring tests and no extra features like custom user agent or additional notification emails.
– Lite – limited to 10 uptimes tests (1 minute interval) and 10 application monitoring tests.
– Full – limited to 50 uptimes tests (1 minute interval) and 50 application monitoring tests.

Prices are as follows:
– Free – well, free.
– Lite – 2€ per month or 10€ in a yearly payment
– Full – 5€ per month or 50€ in a yearly payment

We’ve made those plans by carefully analysing our competitors and we believe this is still the best deal on the market.

Release is scheduled on 2020-11-21.

During that day we will release all necessary changes to our servers, including small re-design of the web app, and we will start a process of migrating all accounts to the new business model.

Uptime testing and reporting will be affected during the release but it should not be longer than a few minutes.

We will send details regarding the migration of existing accounts in a separate newsletter.

We hope, that after reading this, you’d understand the reasons why the business model is changing and how this is going to improve the development of our service.

Content Test – end of life

As of 1st of February is going to fully stop offering full content test product.

The main reason for that decision is that the quality of this product is not as good we would like it to be, also judging by the number of active users of this feature.

There are plans to make this product back, in a different form and technology later this year.

Please note that all current tests will continue working as scheduled until 25.01.2020.

All reports will be available as usual until 01.02.2020.

Big news! Lots of changes!

Big news! Lots of changes!

A lot has been changed recently and we’re happy to announce that we’re done with polishing our current products so it feels and looks better. We primarily hope it would also provide much better experience.

What changed in a short list:

Dark mode!
– Website dead links scanner now sends notifications when finishes (Slack and e-mail).
– You get downtime reminders for 48 hours after incident (Uptime monitoring and application monitoring).
– Application monitoring will no longer be free of charge since it goes out of beta.


Dark Mode

It’s not about black or white hat. It’s our app which now adjusts to your system settings. If you system is dark and your browser supports it (if not, it soon will) our app will become dark automatically. That’s what we call true Responsive Web Design!

If it makes you want to test it right now, please check our blog post which explains all why’s and how’s.

Beware: you might get more notifications from us!

In a few minutes after this e-mail campaign is sent out to you, we will roll out all changes regarding e-mail and Slack notifications. That is:
– Slack/Email report after Content Test (Website Dead Links Scan) is finished
– Slack/Email downtime reminders for uptime tests and application monitoring.

There’s no need to describe broadly the Content Test report notification (simple notification with a link to your new report), but you might want to read more about downtime reminders.

Downtime reminders

So, we’ve build application monitoring to scratch our own itch. 

We have many workers and scripts engaged to make do what it advertises. Crawlers, dispatchers, cleanup jobs, alert watchers and more.

Every now and then things go south and fail to run. Of course we monitor our logs but that doesn’t cover every possible failure.

This is why we’ve built Application Monitoring.

Every time the worker finishes a job successfully, it sends a signal to our system like “hey, I do my job as promised”. If it doesn’t send a signal, someone has to check what’s going on.

But what if the downtime notification comes during a time that no one watches it? What if it’s hidden between hundreds of other messages?

Then it might stay unnoticed for a while.

To provide solution for that exact problem, we’re happy to announce that for 48 hours since downtime alert starts we will send you a reminders about that.

Those reminders are sent in asymmetric intervals: 0.5h, 1h, 3h, 6h, 12h, 24h, 36h, 48h so if you decide to ignore it for a while, we will not bug you every half an hour.

Additionally, for uptime tests downtime, we will deactivate the test if it stays down for 49 hours.

Application monitoring out of beta

Last announcement to make, application monitoring is no longer free of charge. From now on it will cost 1€ net per month. 

Thank you!

As a last words here: thank you for reading this email so far down. And thank you for staying with us!

Let’s go dark!

There was time, where CRT screens were ubiquitous. In this time dark websites were pretty common since the way CRT screen emits light worked pretty well with dark colours.

Then LCD screens came into every hour. Those were pretty bad compared to CRT, especially in terms of showing true shades of grey. This was the end of black websites popularity.

Dark went underground.

Now, with near perfect LCD screens, and even better OLED dark pallets are having a big comeback.

iOS, macOS, Windows, Android – almost everyone supports dark themes in their systems. This is the last moment to make websites and webapps truly responsive also in that dimension.

We are happy to announce that with CSS prefers-color-scheme we just did that with our main website and web app.

What does it mean to you? (2019-06-16)

Well, if you’re macOS user you can use it right away since it’s running for a while and all major browsers (except Chrome is still catching up) adjust the colours automatically.

If you’re a windows user, it might not work at all still. You can try latest Chrome though.

For Android, Chrome should adjust accordingly.

Asia-Pacific – new locations

Quick announcement: we’re monitoring around the globe!

New locations for http uptime tests are deployed.

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Singapore
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Tokyo, Japan

Those four locations give all our users better statistics regarding the website performance around the globe.

New locations in europe will follow soon as well as small enhancements in the web app. Stay tuned!

Cover photo by Keith Zhu on Unsplash

London Babe!

We just started expanding our locations by adding two new servers.

One in N. Virginia (US – East) which will replace our current NY server.

Second in London which also means we’ve just added our first UK location!

More locations are coming soon. If you wish to see some specific country on our list, please contact us directly.

All servers list is always available on the page below.

Servers list

ps. Many thanks for the awesome London picture go to Susan Yin.

Closer and closer to our fresh new web app

Road to the new web app

As was mentioned before, is getting to be refreshed with new functionalities like content checker (Full content test). Since we are also working on a brand new web app, it’s a good time to give you some heads up on the current development status.

Full Content Test

Currently, we offer uptime monitoring tool for your website, but this soon is going to be expanded. Full Content Test is currently in extensive testing process. There was a huge amount of work to make all the back-end performant and reliable. This work is mostly done. We still adjust few things and fixes issue which are popping out from time to time during the tests, but it’s quite close being fully available for all the customers.

With Full Content Test, you can set up a test for your entire website which will periodically crawl the website looking for dead links for pages and resources like javascript or images.

It’s already being heavily tested with some of our customers and so far it looks promising and quite handy.

The new web app, new design!

Since current web app is quite old, and the code base is starting to be rotten,  a decision has been done to start new focusing on the user experience and usability first.

This takes some time, but we believe it’s worth the effort since we already received some feedback from you that things should be changed.

This is happening right now.

The core functionalities are already there, we are focusing now on great onboarding experience and easy access to your data.

By the way, the new web app is much, much faster.

When all the functionalities of the old UI would be implemented in the new application, we will start a migration process.

All our users have access to the alpha version at the moment. A “secret” link can be found in the news section of your current dashboard.

As always we are waiting for your feedback!

What will change?

From the functionality perspective, not much (except the full content test of course, as the new feature).

In a new version the design changes drastically, we use minimal CSS to make your experience platform native as possible. The website will also react faster (client-side rendering, API calls only) and everything you care to see will be updated without reloading the page.

Additionally, we added an opportunity to pay with a credit card which might please some of you, and what is probably the biggest win for our Polish customers since PayPal is not so popular as elsewhere. The new app is already bilingual (additional languages will be introduced later).

Where can I see it?

Just log in to your account and find a link in the news section (sidebar). Please note this is still alpha, everything can still change, including some design decisions.

Release date

The final release date is not clarified yet, but the plan is to start the migration process for all the customers in next 2 months. The first public version is close, but migration won’t start until all wanted features are there for you in the new web app.

Terms changes and further updates

Last period was very busy for project and it might be important to share some news with you.

Currently, we are working on major changes. Most of them are improvements, but some will affect user experience. We hope it will be much better

Uptime test statistics data limits

With a first version of we didn’t have any restrictions regarding the data storage for  each users. We were tiny and it was not an issue to keep the data even for couple of years.

Now however, we are preparing big changes in our infrastructure and to be prepared for them, we need to shrink the database to have it as small as possible.

We decided to introduce a 2 months limit for historical data for all uptime tests we currently maintain.

In the future, there will be an option to avoid this limit, but currently we don’t want to offer it. We did ask some of our users how important it is, we did notify everyone about this change and it seems to be not an issue for anyone at all.

Additionally, we’ve made a copy of all our big database and we will keep it for one month in case of someone didn’t get the message at the right time and could not copy some crucial statistics.

What’s next?

Content Tester

This is the feature we are working on for a long time, but finally it’s reaching a beta version. When it will go public, our service will be much more powerful, able to crawl wholes website looking for all any broken links. Currently it works on our test accounts and we are not ready to publish it yet, but do everything we can to make it available for our customers as soon as possible.

New web application, payment methods and billing system

Along with Content Tester, we will release new and shiny web application, based on React.js and blazing fast. When new app will be ready, additionally to PayPal we will also offer Credit Card payments. Also, we will drop current “points” billing system and offer more understandable system based on € (EUR) currency.

One thing won’t change for sure, we will still charge with explicit permission and with no hidden costs. Free tier will be available as well, so if you are testing your website for free, nothing will change for you in this matter.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding future changes, feel free to contact us any time.

Best wishes!